About Wertanen Enterprises:

Owner: Paul Wertanen

Location: Tennessee


   -We specialize in live streaming from from       our clients location, providing there is             quality internet access.

   -We offer in-person and online consulting       services to assist clients on producing             quality broadcasts.

   -We offer limited video recording                       capabilities, live broadcasts are our main       focus.

Wertanen Enterprises

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     Wertanen Enterprises is dedicated to enhancing the value of your business through the use of live streaming video services. We inform you of the various levels of live streaming available and what options are the best for your required outcomes. 

     We have invested in assets that will allow you to have an professional quality live streaming show that will reach your valued clients. We can host a show from any location that offers high speed connection to the internet. We also have the ability to remotely host  your show giving you the same high quality that you would have in a studio.

     So why would one choose to live stream to reach customers in stead of the use of traditional media outlets?

  1. Live streaming is something that you can do anywhere, any time. 

  2. Live streaming is the most efficient method of reaching your customers. This is the most efficient use of your time and finances.

  3. Live streaming targets your most valued customers. We do this through enhanced customer engagement.  Not only can you reach your most valued customers but you can enhance the your value to your customer.  

     To learn more information about how live streaming can enhance your businesses value, please contact me for a consultation.  To set up a consultation, please use one of the following methods of contact that is the most convenient for you.

Wertanen Enterprises

email: paul.wertanen@wertanen.com